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Probity design and compliance is now even more compelling. The need for a proper and independent process is now, more than ever before, being demanded by government at all levels, the public and stakeholders in commercial enterprises at all levels.

Probity is a process of design and compliance to ensure that in commercial dealings with government, including local government, not-for-profit organisations, business including SMEs and large public corporations, in tendering and procurement there is a robust system to ensure to the maximum extent reasonably possible:

  • dealings with parties are fair and equitable with respect to tendering and procurement;
  • the process is open, but subject to parameters, and, at the same time, preserves the need for confidentiality as commercially required;
  • avoids conflict;
  • ensures compliance with the law;
  • puts in place compliance mechanisms against which the process can be stress tested for compliance;

Probity applies to:

  • tenders;
  • contracts;
  • procurement, both government and private.

The process must be robust and capable of standing up to external scrutiny, but it must be flexible and useable.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the above, please feel free to contact Jon by email

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