Whistleblower Protection

Jon Clarke acts as a Confidential Whistleblower Contact Protection Officer to receive disclosures to afford protection from possible prosecution under the law. 

If any director, officer, employee of a company or another person connected with a corporation believe they are in a position to observe or may be affected by misconduct by a corporation or others, including possible breaches of law, Jon can assist as an eligible Whistleblower Contact Protection Officer appointed by the corporation to; 

  • independently and confidentially receive disclosures from the affected person (the Whistleblower) in accordance with the Corporation’s Whistleblower policy.
  • advise the Whistleblower of their rights. 
  • if necessary, make any confidential reports or disclosures to the appropriate agency in accordance with the law and the Corporation’s Whistleblower policy on behalf of the Whistleblower whilst maintaining the confidentiality and anonymity of the Whistleblower. 

Jon Clarke Advisory’s Whistleblower Protection program complies with the law and affords the Whistleblower protection as provided for pursuant to the Corporations Act.

As a person appointed by the corporation, Jon Clarke Advisory charges a fixed annual fee and a fixed fee for dealing with each disclosure. Any further professional services advice, including any investigation as a consequence of a disclosure, is carried out on a negotiated fixed fee basis. 

Jon Clarke will be with you all the way, guiding you through the process to find the best solution.

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